Over the years dentistry has become more complex and the variety of treatments available to patients has increased dramatically. The consequence of this is that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep all levels of dental knowledge up to date. This is why there has been a marked increase in the number of dentists focussing their practice to specific conditions and their treatment.

The role of the general dentist has therefore changed. They are now the centre of patient care. General dentists have the initial and overall control over a patient’s course of treatment, once a problem has been diagnosed it is necessary for them to decide whether a patient is best treated in practice or referred out to a colleague with a specialist interest.

Reasons for referral

There are two main reasons why it may be better to refer a patient:

  1. If diagnosis is uncertaindiagnosis is uncertain

All dentists will come across cases which do not match the standard presentation. Referral can therefore avoid anxiety and suffering by both patient and dentist. There can be no negative outcome to a referral, as either the diagnosis will be made and treatment completed, which will see the patient grateful for the referral or if a diagnosis remains elusive the referring dentist appears justified in their treatment path.

  1. If the dentist does not have the necessary skills or equipment to treat the patient effectively

After diagnosis, a self-aware dentist will recognise those dental conditions that they do not have the skills or necessary equipment to deal with in practice. Some clinical issues need specific equipment, materials and techniques not feasible in a general practice. In this case referral to a colleague with a special interest may be necessary.

How to referHow to refer

Here at KentEndo, your local private practice limited to endodontics, referrals are quick and simple. You can either complete our online referral form or if you prefer, download a paper copy which can be posted to us.  We aim to offer all patients an appointment within two weeks of receiving the referral and will endeavour to provide emergency appointments for patients in acute pain.

With KentEndo, you can be safe in the knowledge that your patients will receive the highest possible level of care, in a relaxed and calm environment. If you would like more information or have any questions do not hesitate to ring the surgery on 01622 225555