The Causes of Root Resorption and its Endodontic Remedies

Despite how it sounds, root resorption is quite a common condition among those who’ve had some oral injury or infection. This condition, however, cannot be avoided, as it can harm your oral health and cause further problems with your teeth and gums. The KentEndo dentists can treat root resorption and because of how common this condition is, we can effectively treat this condition in many ways. Below, we’re going to describe some of the causes of root resorption and how it can be treated.

Root ResorptionResorption

Root resorption is more of a process than a condition because, in many cases, it occurs in many situations. This process occurs when the body breaks down and absorbs tissues surrounding the tooth, eventually dissolving the tooth’s root structure. It can happen both internally and externally. Internal root resorption happens when absorption occurs within the root canal space, while external root resorption occurs at the root surface.

Endodontic Treatments for Root Resorption

Root resorption treatment widely varies, but your dentist can diagnose the type of root resorption you’re experiencing to understand it better and treat it. There are a variety of treatments your dentist can use, including:Endodontic treatment

  • Root Canal Treatment: Root canal treatments can clean out the inner cavities and root channels of the tooth and help preserve whatever tooth roots are left from the resorption process.
  • Dental Crowns: For affected teeth that caused root resorption, crown removal and replacement can help preserve your oral health and help correct the remaining issues with your affected tooth.
  • Oral Surgery: For root resorption that’s causing pain, oral surgery can be performed to help remove the remaining roots and treat the affected area.
  • Tooth Extraction: As a last resort, root resorption can be treated through a tooth extraction.diagnosis

All of these treatments highly depend on your dentist’s diagnosis and recommendations for root resorption. While complications of the procedure are rare, they are possible, which is why you need a reputable and trusted dentist to handle your procedure.

At KentEndo you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always receive the highest possible level of care, in a relaxed and calm environment, ensuring that you can keep your teeth as healthy as possible for as long as possible. If you would like more information or have any questions do not hesitate to ring the surgery on 01622 225555.