Importance of saving a tooth

If you are suffering with a toothache, there is nothing you want more than a quick solution to the problem.  Extraction may seem to be the easy solution, but there are times when root canal treatment is the better option.

In this blog we will take a closer look at when you should choose root canal treatment over a tooth extraction.

Choosing Root Canal Treatment

At KentEndo, we want to ensure our patients keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. When you ask us for advice on what to do with a serious problem, we will give you an outline of why root canal treatment is often the better option.

The list may include:Root canal treatment

  • Root canal treatment is not painful: Modern pain medication is powerful, and you should feel no more discomfort than you would with an ordinary filling. Root canal treatment aims to alleviate pain, not cause it!
  • Extraction leaves a gap: If you can save a tooth, you should always take that option. When you remove a natural tooth, it leaves gaps in your mouth. The gaps can be unsightly if they are in the front of the jaw and it may cost more to fit a replacement.
  • Teeth move: Another problem with leaving gaps is that teeth will move into the gaps. The movement can weaken teeth around the gap and allow infection into the gums. Keeping a tooth in place helps retain the structure and overall strength of your teeth. Eating and smiling will be a lot easier, too.


Root canal treatment will save a tooth in most cases, and with good dental hygiene, it should last a lifetime, without the need for further treatment. With the original tooth, the line of your jaw stays firm, your teeth are healthy, and you will need fewer visits to the dentist.

Be vigilant!Appointments

The best way to avoid root canal treatment or extraction is to maintain good dental health. It is important that you follow a good oral hygiene routine and visit your dentist for regular appointments.

This ensures that any problems can be identified early and treated quickly and should there be a time when you need root canal treatment, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always receive the highest possible level of care, in a relaxed and calm environment with us at KentEndo. If you have any concerns or queries do not hesitate to call on 01622 225555.