Frequently Asked Questions

In certain selective circumstances it may not be necessary to carry out root canal treatment immediately, instead we aim to maintain a healthy pulp and prolong the life of a tooth. This involves eliminating the source of bacterial infection (e.g. tooth decay, fracture) and sealing the tooth immediately to prevent recontamination. There are different approaches we can use for vital pulp therapy. Teeth having undergone this treatment will require subsequent close monitoring.
Following trauma to the teeth and supporting tissues a detailed assessment and close monitoring of any traumatised teeth is recommended to avoid complications later on. Not all traumatic injuries will require intervention. Treatments range from rebuilding of the fractured tooth, replantation of the tooth that was knocked out, splinting of the teeth in their original position, pulp therapy or root canal treatment.
Some teeth that have been root canal treated or with a history of dental injury can show various degrees of discoloration. Whitening of the tooth in question is a conservative treatment option that may be used to improve this discoloration. A thorough assessment of the dentition would be required prior to bleaching, to assess if bleaching is suitable.