5 common myths about root canal treatment

There is plenty of information available about root canal treatment but finding correct information can prove more of a challenge. From outdated facts to unproven theories, we look to dispel five rumours and myths that surround root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is painful.

It is 2024! Modern technologies and medicines mean that now having root canal treatment should be no worse than having an ordinary filling. The pain you experience from a tooth that requires root canal treatment will normally be far worse than the discomfort of the treatment itself. Recovery times are just a few days and post appointment tenderness should be minimal.

Root canal treatment takes several visits.several visits

Many root canal treatments can be completed in one appointment while some cases require two or three visits due to the level of infection and inflammation. Often people think that an extraction is a faster option, which may be true, but you will then need to attend for bridge, dental implant, or denture treatment to fill the missing gap, meaning it can be a much more time consuming and expensive option than root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment kills the tooth.Root canal treatment is often not successful

A root canal treatment cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth which allows it to heal. Root canal treatment does not kill a tooth.

Root canal treatment is often not successful.

This is not true. Root canal treatments have about a 95% success rate. The tooth and gums will need to be kept healthy with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits to ensure that the natural tooth lasts a lifetime without further treatment.

Root canal treatment causes illness.appointment

This was a rumour started by Dr Weston Price in 1910. His researched claimed that endodontically treated teeth could leave patients susceptible to infection and illness. Dr Price’s research has been criticized and proven to be flawed. Having root canal treatment does not increase your likelihood of illness or disease.

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