2021_07_05_Blog_Img_01With more than 15 million root canals performed a year, you are definitely not alone if your dentist says you should consider a root canal treatment.

Blog_Img_2021_06_01_001Do you feel extreme pain and sensitivity when chewing? Bad breath? A bad taste in your mouth? Facial swelling and fever? These could indicate dental abscess symptoms. A dental abscess is a condition that causes bacteria to create a pocket of pus building up around the tooth.

Blog_Img_2021_05_04_001Root canal treatment has helped to save millions of teeth over the last century. Without this procedure, there is no way of stopping tooth decay and infection from destroying the tooth. What is more root canal treatment can help to extend the life of a tooth for decades.

For root canal treatments the success rate currently stands at 96%. However, as with all dental procedures there is still a chance of failure. In this blog we look at 3 reasons why 4% of root canal treatments fail and what you can do to lessen their impact.

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